“For I kept the ways of the Lord; I was not disloyal to my God… I was honest toward Him; I was on guard against sin. So the Lord rewarded my righteousness, the cleanness of my hands in His sight. Toward the faithful, You are faithful; to the honest You are honest; toward the sincere, sincere; but to the perverse You are devious. Humble people You save; haughty eyes You bring low. You, Lord, give light to my lamp; my God brightens the darkness about me… God’s way is unerring; the Lord’s promise is tried and true; He is a shield for all who trust in Him.” (Psalm 18.22,24-29,31)

The Loyal Heart’s Prayer

By faith, the loyal heart believes
His word as truth sent from above;
In hope, the humble heart receives
His light of truth shining with love.

The loyal heart dares to draw near,
With humble hope and loving trust;
His perfect love casts out all fear —
The Son of Man receives her dust.

In silence, she is drawn closer
To enter through the narrow gate;
Her heart’s purpose — simple and pure —
The Lord will come to those who wait.

His gift of Self will flow freely
To loyal hearts, prepared and still;
His love outpours in sanctity,
To hearts disposed to do His will.

Draw near to Him and He will turn;
A humble heart He cannot spurn.

Lord, be my heart’s strength and faithfulness, that I may be prepared to receive You fully and faithfully in love. Amen.


(c) Paul Buis, 2007