For where there is envy and selfish ambition, there will also be disorder and wickedness of every kind. (James 3.16)


The heart, by nature, seeks esteem:
To be beheld with heartfelt praise;
And honored as favor would deem —
Entitlements of selfish ways.

The selfish heart finds love too hard:
Its empathy’s awkward and cold;
And sacrifice would leave it scarred –
Its book of love is left untold.

The selfish heart shuns what is true
Whene’er it contradicts its mind;
Excuse and rationale construe
Whate’er it needs to keep it blind.

Love overcomes the risk and cost
Of reaching out to one in need;
In sacrifice, a line is crossed —
The heart is opened up and freed.

The light of truth reveals the heart
And clears the mind of what’s construed;
As rationale is pulled apart,
Faith can take hold – wisdom’s imbued.

Lord, save me from my selfish ways;
Let love and truth affix my gaze.

Lord, imbue in me the virtue of humility, that the truth of my selfishness may become fully evident in my repentance, without excuse or rationalization. Amen.