The Bride's Song

Meditations on St John of the Cross'
"The Spiritual Canticle"

The Bride's Song is a series of meditations on St John of the Cross' spiritual masterpiece The Spiritual Canticle. Each meditation begins with a related quote from scripture. Next, a poem stirs the soul with verse inspired by St. John of the Cross' writings in the chapter(s). Finally, a concluding prayer is provided to complete the meditation.

The Spiritual Canticle is a commentary which St John of the Cross wrote on his poem by the same name. This work follows the progressive path of the soul from the latter stages of the proficient (stanzas 1-4), to the contemplative way (stanzas 5-12) through spiritual betrothal (stanzas 13-21), to the stage of spiritual marriage (stanzas 22-35) and finally to the beatific vision (stanzas 36-40).

May you find the rich depth of St John of the Cross' teaching become real for you as you meditate with his spiritual wisdom and guidance.

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The Spiritual Canticle

1. First Meditation (stanza 1)
2. Second Meditation (stanza 2-3)
3. Third Meditation (stanza 4-6)
4. Fourth Meditation (stanza 7-8)
5. Fifth Meditation (stanza 9-10)
6. Sixth Meditation (stanza 11-12)
7. Seventh Meditation (stanza 13)
8. Eighth Meditation (stanza 14-15)
9. Ninth Meditation (stanza 16-17)
10. Tenth Meditation (stanza 18-19)
11. Eleventh Meditation (stanza 20-21)
12. Twelfth Meditation (stanza 22-23)
13. Thirteenth Meditation (stanza 24-25)
14. Fourteenth Meditation (stanza 26)
15. Fifteenth Meditation (stanza 27-28)
16. Sixteenth Meditation (stanza 29)
17. Seventeenth Meditation (stanza 30)
18. Eighteenth Meditation (stanza 31-32)
19. Nineteenth Meditation (stanza 33-35)
20. Twentieth Meditation (stanza 36-37)
21. Twenty-First Meditation (stanza 38-39)
22. Twenty-Second Meditation (stanza 40)

(c) Paul Buis, 2005