Twelfth Meditation

(The Spiritual Canticle - Stanza 22-23)

"But whoever is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him." (1)

In His Embrace

Consecrated to Him alone,
Apart from all that drew away,
A pure and perfect love is known --
Greater than all words can convey.

In perfect peace, stable and strong,
Sheltered from her enemies' reach,
An abundance of delights throng
Her being without lull or breach.

The depths of His secrets are shown:
His covenant made on the cross
To redeem mortals as His own
By grace, cleansing them from all dross.

Redemption's pinnacle is reached,
In souls espoused to the Bridegroom;
Just as the shroud of death was breached,
And He emerged from death's stone tomb.

Her being is whole and complete;
In His embrace, grace is replete.

May the Bridegroom claim us and transform us completely as His espoused so that we may realize the fullness of His promise of redemption.

1. Corinthians 6:17

(c) Paul Buis, 2005