Fourteenth Meditation

(The Spiritual Canticle - Stanza 26)

"How precious is your love, O God! We take refuge in the shadow of your wings. We feast on the rich food of your house; from your delightful stream you give us drink. For with you is the fountain of life, and in your light we see light." (1)

Water And Light Divine

The infusion of perfect love
Supplants the lesser loves she held;
Divine wisdom lifts her above,
As old ways of knowing are quelled.

The brilliance of the Divine light,
Engulfs the candle of her mind;
Yielding supernatural sight --
The world's wisdom's left behind.

As torrents of Divine love pour
Over puddles of her esteem,
Her soul is flooded to its core
Displacing her heart's old regime.

A new profound simplicity,
Awakens in her whole being;
An innocent felicity,
Governs her knowing and seeing.

Love and Wisdom have redefined,
With innocence, her heart and mind.

May the Bridegroom recreate our hearts and minds in the model of His own purity and simplicity with Divine love and wisdom.

1. Psalm 36:8-10

(c) Paul Buis, 2005