The Citadel Within

Meditations on St Teresa of Jesus' "The Interior Castle"

(St Teresa of Jesus -- painting by Fr. Martin Borg, OCD)

St Teresa of Jesus completed her spiritual masterpiece "The Interior Castle", in 1577. In this work, she has depicted the spiritual life as a journey to the center of the castle of the soul. She provides a rich metaphorical narrative, drawn from a lifetime of prayer and intimate contemplation of Jesus, her spiritual spouse.

"The Citadel Within" builds on the deep riches of these metaphors, providing the reader with a means of entering more deeply into the spirit of St Teresa's writing.

First Meditation (book I: ch. 1)

Second Meditation (book I: ch. 2)

Third Meditation (book II: ch. 1)

Fourth Meditation (book III: ch. 1)

Fifth Meditation (book IV: ch. 1-3)

Sixth Meditation (book V: ch. 1-2)

Seventh Meditation (book V: ch. 3-4)

Eighth Meditation (book VI: ch. 1)

Ninth Meditation (book VI: ch. 2-3)

Tenth Meditation (book VI: ch. 4-6)

Eleventh Meditation (book VI: ch. 7)

Twelfth Meditation (book VI: ch. 8-9)

Thirteenth Meditation (book VI: ch. 10-11)

Fourteenth Meditation book VII: ch. 1)

Fifteenth Meditation (book VII: ch. 2)

Sixteenth Meditation (book VII: ch. 3)

Seventeenth Meditation (book VII: ch. 4)

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