First Meditation

(Interior Castle, book I: chapter 1)

O God, we ponder Your love within Your temple…Walk through Zion, walk all around it; count the number of its towers. Review all its ramparts, examine its castles, that you may tell the next generation that such is our God, our God forever and always. It is He who leads us." (1)

Castle of Crystal

Within the walls of crystal clear,
The King of kings is known to dwell:
Omnipotence so very near;
Eternity held in His cell.

His throne room in the center keeps
The fount of life and love, which flows
From Source to soul -- mercy's grace seeps --
Yielding His life where'er it goes.

The drawbridge opens with the prayer
Whose deep yearning draws the bridge down.
Reflections focus with great care
On Beloved who bears the crown.

In His Image, the spires rise:
From mortals meek to heaven's skies.

May the King of the citadel draw us into His palace in our prayer and reflection.

(1) 1. Psalm 48: 10,13-15

(c) Paul Buis, 2002