The Beauty Of God

"From Zion God shines forth perfect in beauty." (1)

The Canticle of God's Beauty

Behold the beauty of the Word:
The light of truth which shines on me;
Revealing God as it is heard;
Dispelling doubts, it sets me free.

Behold the beauty of the host:
His substance and divinity;
His presence which we treasure most,
Humbly hidden in mystery.

Behold the beauty of the cup:
The blood of the new covenant;
The Lamb was slain and lifted up:
Our Savior whom the Father sent.

Behold the beauty of God's love:
He holds His children tenderly;
He lifts their hearts; they rise above,
The burdens which weigh heavily.

Behold the beauty of each soul:
The Master's dwelling place on earth;
Dwelling in Him, we are made whole:
The death of self yields our re-birth.

Behold the beauty of the cross:
The sign of God's vast love for me;
What seems to be my greatest loss,
Becomes love's sweetest victory.

Behold the beauty of this prayer:
Perfected with the Spirit's sigh;
Rising like incense in the air;
The Master hears this heart-felt cry.

(c) Paul Buis, 2000

1. Psalm 50:2