It was dawn again......
A billow of somber, mourning clouds covered the sky,
hovering near the earth like a ceiling
suspended from the stars.

Images of man and nature, lamented along the horizon.
Like shadows, they held their sacred stories;
doors to the inner past,
familiar in memories...other senses fading.

Above and beyond this shrouded scheme,
Miracles soared across the Universe.
Waiting and ready for Restoration,
One severed the cloud's suspension.

The ceiling of clouds tilted,
a window to the heavens opened!
Angelic beams of Light appeared,
breaking apart the dusky sky!

The golden rays flowed downward,
pouring abundance of Energy on the barren land.
The earth responded with a quake of awareness,
loosing the encumbered tomb.

Fresh air and spectra flowed throughout;
Earth's chest began to rise.
Filling with nourishment of Life,
cool; and crisp.....Her affirming Right!

Cleansed by exchange, breathing out
dust of pain, past and prison.
A process of expansion and contraction;
an undoing...a holy release for this Creation.

Brought to Order, She rises to Her Right.
The clouds have broken,
and the sky has cleared.
She has Awakened to her unique form and freedom.

Within this Earthy Vessel,
space fills the inner sanctum.
There is irony in the emptiness,
meeting God within my Heart.

image and poetry (c) Peggy Shearman, 1998

webdesign (c) Paul Buis, 2000