Son rise

listen, hear my Lover's call
bound by earth no longer
dregs of darkness flee and fall
every heart grown stronger
in Your light, the joy of truth
fire too hot for earth's core
shattering our sin with ruth
we can hear the sun roar
glory blanketing the earth
open hearts rejoicing
universe spills out its mirth
Your beloved name voicing
flying free of sensate bonds
I see You beyond sight
feel with more than heart or hand
essence merges outright
burning heart and soul become
eternal conflagration
as Your flame, the rising Son
takes up every nation

Lover, feel my soul so yearn
for the warmth You give me
candle melted by it's wick
spark to flicker thrill me
holocaust become at last
make me to Your pyre
living, burning, growing
love for You entire

poetry (c) Jonathan Hunter-Kilmer, 2001

web design (c) Paul Buis, 2001