Rejoice In The Lord Always

Animating The Heart
With Joy, Praise, and Gratitude

The pursuit of happiness seems so compelling yet so elusive in our day. There are so many promises of happiness in the media. Can pleasures, possessions, experiences, or relationships truly bring lasting joy? What are happiness, fulfillment and joy in the context of the Christian life? This series of meditations seeks to explore this theme, drawing inspiration from Scripture and the writings of the Saints.

In considering these reflections, may you find the light of grace to discover the fullness of joy and hope in the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

"A joyful heart is life itself;
rejoicing lengthens one's life span."
(Ecclesiasticus 30.22)
The Drain Of Sin
Purifying the Virtues
What Is Hope?
What Is Joy?
Gratitude Opens The Heart
Rejoicing In Praise of God
Joy In His Presence
The Joy of Serving God
Risen Joy
Heaven Is Our Hope
The Joy of Morning

(c) Paul Buis, 2009