Meditating on the Word

Meditatio involves pondering the meaning of the Word in the context of its original story, in the Lord's teaching, and in one's own life. In this way, the Word swells and takes root in the faculties of the soul.

"Blessed is the man who meditates on wisdom and who reasons intelligently. He who reflects in his mind on her ways will also ponder her secrets…he will pitch his tent near her, and will lodge in an excellent lodging place;…he will be sheltered by her from the heat, and will dwell in the midst of her glory." (2)

"But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart." (3)


Onto her soul He scribes His Word --
Carved in the wall, crystal and clear.
She focuses on what she's heard,
And recollects her senses here.

The light of Truth shines through this wall,
Projecting on her faculties.
Discursively, she sifts It all,
And intuits Its subtleties.

The gentle warmth of the rays shine,
And fill her soul with loving grace;
The presence of the love divine
Prepares for Him her sacred space.

The divine light and love outpour
On recollected souls that yield
To grace and truth, whose rays restore,
His presence as they are revealed.

The presence of The Word shines through
Souls to enlighten and imbue.

May the Presence of the Word enlighten our souls with His Truth and imbue them with His Love as we recollect ourselves and meditate on His Word.

5. Sirach 14: 20,21,25,27
6. Luke 2:19

(c) Paul Buis, 2004