VI. Thanksgiving, Offering, and Petition
(Little Catechism of the Life of Prayer, 2.12-15, 4.17-19)

"Whoever loves Me will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our dwelling with him." (John 15.23)

The Gifts of Prayer

With gratitude for gifts of grace
And the blessings His love bestows,
Astounded by heaven's embrace -
Heartfelt thanksgiving overflows.

With heart surrendered to His will
And determined to persevere,
Knowing that the cross can fulfill --
A loving zeal's lifted from fear.

The mind recalls the souls prayed for;
The heart begs Him to intercede,
With loving mercy, to outpour
His grace to fill their ev'ry need.

The total gift of self prepares
The soul to receive heaven's Guest;
Nearing the close of mental prayer,
The soul enters into His rest.

The gifts of prayer sought from the Lord
Are manifest in grace outpoured.

"All that the beginner in prayer has to do -- and you must not forget this, for it is very important -- is to labor and be resolute and prepare himself with all possible diligence to bring his will into conformity with the will of God. As I shall say later, you may be quite sure that this comprises the very greatest perfection which can be attained on the spiritual road. The more perfectly a person practices it, the more he will receive of the Lord and the greater the progress he will make on this road." (St Teresa of Jesus, Interior Castle, Second Mansions)

Holy Spirit, ignite the zeal of my heart with humble gratitude and determination to do Your will, that I may be made a worthy instrument for the outpouring of Your grace on souls. Amen.

(c) Paul Buis, 2007