Little bird experiences a taste of the fullness of joy which the Master brings to His children who have purified themselves for the sake of His Love. They have sacrificed themselves in their wilderness for His sake, and now taste the victory of joy which He has prepared for them: "Those who sow in tears will reap with cries of joy. Those who go forth weeping, carrying sacks of seed, Will return with cries of joy, carrying their bundled sheaves." 1

Heaven's Child

The heart of a child called from beyond
To places where peace and joy overflow.
From sorrows and pain, this soul did abscond:
Raised up from its weakness here below.

O power of death, where is your sting?
O darkness of sin, where is your guilt?
Freed from these snipers, this heart will sing
From parapets high, which He has built.

O sing a new song; lift it up high.
O raise up the soul: fragrant and pure.
Streams of His Love draw this soul nigh --
Eternal embrace: heaven's procure.

O lift up your heart; fragrant with love.
He'll surge it with joy: wings of a dove!

(c) Paul Buis, 2000

1. Psalms 126:5-6