By Way Of Prayer

Meditations on St. Teresa of Jesus'
"The Way Of Perfection"

By Way of Prayer is a series of meditations on St. Teresa of Jesus' spiritual classic The Way Of Perfection. St Teresa completed this work in 1569, as a practical guide to prayer for the sisters of her monasteries. Much of this work is centered around a profound commentary on the Our Father, the model prayer which Our Lord taught us.

These meditations are meant to provide a structure for prayerful reflection to accompany the meditative reading of The Way Of Perfection.

May you find the wisdom and practical guidance provided by St Teresa of Jesus stirring your soul to follow Him, by way of prayer, with a determined determination.

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From ICS Publications:
The Collected Works of St Teresa of Avila, Volume 2

E. Allison Peers edition (public domain):
The Way Of Perfection
1. First Meditation (ch. 1,3)
2. Second Meditation (ch. 2)
3. Third Meditation (ch. 4)
4. Fourth Meditation (ch. 5)
5. Fifth Meditation (ch. 6-7)
6. Sixth Meditation (ch. 8-11)
7. Seventh Meditation (ch. 12-14)
8. Eighth Meditation (ch. 15,16)
9. Ninth Meditation (ch. 17,18)
10. Tenth Meditation (ch. 19-20.2)
11. Eleventh Meditation (ch. 20.3-21,23)
12. Twelfth Meditation (ch. 22,25)
13. Thirteenth Meditation (ch. 24,26)
14. Fourteenth Meditation (ch. 27-28)
15. Fifteenth Meditation (ch. 29)
16. Sixteenth Meditation (ch. 30-31)
17. Seventeenth Meditation (ch. 32)
18. Eighteenth Meditation (ch. 33-35)
19. Nineteenth Meditation (ch. 36)
20. Twentieth Meditation (ch. 38-39)
21. Twenty-First Meditation (ch. 40-41)
22. Twenty-Second Meditation (ch. 37,42)

(c) Paul Buis, 2004