By Way Of Night

Meditations on St John of the Cross'
"The Dark Night"

St John of the Cross completed this commentary on his poem "The Dark Night" in 1585. In this work, St John describes the spiritual purifications which the soul passes through in both its sensory and spiritual parts. The commentary goes on to describe the wondrous effects of spiritual union with the Bridegroom which follows the dark night of the soul's purifications.

"By Way of Night" provides a framework of medititions for the reader to ponder St John's teachings and to enter into their spirit.

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From ICS Publications:
The Collected Works of St John Of The Cross

E. Allison Peers edition (public domain):
The Dark Night of the Soul
1. First Meditation (book I: ch. 1)
2. Second Meditation (book I: ch. 2)
3. Third Meditation (book II: ch. 3-4)
4. Fourth Meditation (book I: ch. 5)
5. Fifth Meditation (book I: ch. 6-7)
6. Sixth Meditation (book I: ch. 8)
7. Seventh Meditation (book I: ch. 9)
8. Eighth Meditation (book I: ch. 10)
9. Ninth Meditation (book I: ch. 11)
10. Tenth Meditation (book I: ch. 12)
11. Eleventh Meditation (book I: ch. 13)
12. Twelfth Meditation (book I: ch. 14)
13. Thirteenth Meditation (book II: ch. 1-3)
14. Fourteenth Meditation (book II: ch. 4)
15. Fifteenth Meditation (book II: ch. 5)
16. Sixteenth Meditation (book II: ch. 6-7)
17. Seventeenth Meditation (book II: ch. 8-9)
18. Eighteenth Meditation (book II: ch. 10)
19. Nineteenth Meditation (book II: ch. 11-12)
20. Twentieth Meditation (book II: ch. 13)
21. Twenty-First Meditation (book II: ch.14-16)
22. Twenty-Second Meditation (book II: ch.17-18)
23. Twenty-Third Meditation (book II: ch. 19-20)
24. Twenty-Fourth Meditation (book II: ch.21-22)
25. Twenty-Fifth Meditation (book II: ch. 23)
26. Twenty-Sixth Meditation (book II: ch. 24-25)

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