Seventh Meditation

(The Dark Night, book I: chapter 9)

"Be still before the LORD; wait for God." (14)

Waiting For The Spoon

Her Mother trains her patiently,
To hold her mouth open and still;
Her food glides in effortlessly,
And, deep within, she has her fill.

It tastes subtle and delicate;
Like manna, it sustains her soul.
At first, bland to her coarse palate,
She could not taste its vital role.

From suckling to a passive gape,
She learns to wait for Mother's spoon;
So too, new ways of prayer take shape --
The mind and heart slowly attune.

He feeds her spirit in this prayer;
Her hungry senses slowly fade:
His grace will fashion and prepare
Her soul while her senses are stayed.

Old ways of senses, left behind,
No longer sate nor stir nor bind.

May God, in His paternal care, help us to still our hearts and minds and wait patiently for Him.

14. Psalm 37:7

(c) Paul Buis, 2004